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JB Auto Inc
1751 West River Rd
Dummerston, VT 05301
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we recently had to have one of our vehicles in for a minor repair (adjustment) to correct a lighting issue and then needed to have it in again after some additional damage was found by JBs...both times the issues were clearly described to us so that we could easily understand just what the damage was and how much work was needed to get our vehicle up and running again! During the space of time between the repairs we felt assured of our safety in using the vehicle, and appreciated (based on how busy JBs was) that we were given an appointment in less than two weeks in order to fully complete the repairs. in trying to keep two older vehicles continuously "road ready", I find myself often reviewing my notes on when upcoming maintenance might be needed against the customer tools JBs supplies on its website. the information-full of key dates and noted mileage-has been invaluable in helping us to schedule out future appointments at our convenience and maintaining an annual vehicle budget. I would recommend the ability to utilize these free tools to anyone smart enough to have JBs as their automotive of choice!!! thanks for all you do and offer to us!!! :)
JB Auto can't be beaten for excellence, reliability, service, friendliness, thorough evaluation of my car's issue(s), and fixing it as quoted on any estimate I request. What a great group of guys, too! Will remain a loyal customer, for sure. Steve
One of our vehicles is getting older...and older...so sometimes parts just need to be replaced...its nice to know when a change in its performance is noted, that JBs will always take the time to figure out just what needs replacing-when it needs replacing...and even takes the time to explain why it needs replacing!!! This takes a little of the stress out of maintaining a cherished older vehicle--thanks again for all your good work!!! :)
To JB - nice work on old truck alternator --also saab front brakes nice and smooth...vincent panella,
    Kevin & Lori11/02/2017
This is the best service center in the West River Valley. Superior workmanship paired with honesty and excellence in customer service.
    Robert & Rosalind10/12/2017
JB Auto are always our go to for all 3 of our cars. They are always go the extra mile ( pun intended) For us. Fitting us in to their busy schedule. Honest reports on what our cars needs are. Friendly service. We highly value their knowledge and skills.
prices are are reasonable and fair. The only thing that doesn't always work out so well for me is the lead time necessary before JB can fit me in. I don't think there is really anything they can do about that. Otherwise I am a fully satisfied customer.
JB Auto has been my go to repair shop for over 20 years. As long as they stay in business this will be only place I will go to for honest and friendly service. Thanks guys!
This is a review for just your average-run-of-the-mill-regular maintenance visit...except this visit afforded me the chance to see that the excellent customer service and honest, caring advice I am always privy too is offered to everyone that chooses JB Auto as their automotive service provider! Speaking amongst my fellow owners, I saw and heard firsthand the same level of customer care that I have come to expect from JB Auto for a myriad of car concerns--from my simple oil change to the (possibly major but hopefully not) brake job needed by another loyal patron. Its easy to see why it would be really easy for me to take all their hard work and expertise for granted after being spoiled by it with every visit...and equally as easy to just say, "Ditto!", when asked how my last visit went...so (in closing) I hope I haven't done so with this revue and have given the friendly technicians at JB Auto their well-earned dues and my heartfelt gratitude for all they do--Kudos!!!
You never know when important safety items such as a seatbelt will start to fail on an older vehicle...sometimes there is a warning like it just won't snap back or feels awfully loose holding you in the seat...either way you know its time to take care of it and you know just who to ask!!! Feeling way safer driving around now that JBs has replaced the old seatbelt with a brand new (wicked "snappy") one!!! Thanks for once again making us feel safe (and "secure") on the road!!!
always dependable, helpful and personable, that's JB Auto. I appreciate your service, also my truck needed an autobody specialist and the one you recommended is an extension of your work. gave my truck a "fixing" and undercoating. thanks so very much , always there when needed. Jean Momaney
    Marion & Peter07/06/2017
Terrific help with need for an immediate repair! Big thanks to Scott and Jesse.
To quote you email-"regular service can help you stay safe on the road...avoid costly breakdowns..." and make it a lot less stressful when your vehicles need their annual Vermont state inspections!!! Always nice to pass with flying colors thanks to the due diligence of the auto technicians at JBs!!! Here's to no worries when were on the road enjoying the summer!!! As always, thanks to all of you that help us keep our vehicles running at their best performance level every day!!!
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